I've been a photographer most of my life, my dad put a camera in my hands at the tender age of six and I've been taking photos ever since. Portraits, landscapes, animals/wildlife you name it I've probably photographed it.

I love being out in the field, natural light is my canvas, although I'm a qualified studio photographer, so equally at home in my studio in the heart of Banbury.

My first love is motorsports which I've been photographing since 1983, when after spending a few years watching Formula One on TV, I decided that I needed to see it, hear it, and photograph it. I've been photographing racing cars and bikes ever since, I've had work published in Autosport magazine, the biggest selling motorsports magazine in the world, its sister publication Motorsport News and Motorcycle racer magazine. I am currently working for the Australian web-zine motorsportretro.com (check out the links page)

Another passion is aviation, so if my lens isn't pointed at the track its pointing to the sky photographing mainly vintage and historic aviation.

I'm always looking for new challenges photographically so if you want something, someone, yourself, your pet, your car, bike, aircraft, boat or anything photographed ask me.