And I'm back in the room...

30th March 2017
Right, well where do I begin? GD photographic, the website, Facebook, Me, have been a bit quiet over the last twenty or so months. Don't worry I've still been out taking photos, However I suffered a major personal tragedy with the death of my Father and I'll be honest it took the wind right out of my sails. For want of a better phrase I lost my mojo...

Add to this the injury to my neck and shoulder which for a while rendered my left arm virtually useless and me in some considerable pain, I was at a very low ebb. I went to both the revival and FOS in 2014 and the FOS in 2015 though, but I was in agony for both weekends. both mentally and physically!

My Dad was my inspiration and in many ways my motivation to do the photography I do. In many cases particularly Goodwood events he was the first to see my work. Suffice to say I struggled and continue to struggle with his passing. I almost called time on GD Photographic but I remembered one time when we were talking photography and motor racing that he said (rather morbidly I thought at the time) words to the effect of "when I'm gone you should use what ever inheritance you get to buy new cameras", He knew I'd always brought used equipment to keep the costs down and thought I should have some new kit I think. At the time I laughed it off and told him to put this request in his will, as it was he never wrote one. After he was gone and I had finished administering his estate I remembered that conversation and upgraded my equipment according to his wishes.

I lost my focus (forgive the pun) but after the recent Silverstone Classic Media day and the great reception the set of photos got on social media, it appears that that mojo has returned.

Bottom line, GD Photographic is back in business