The Spirit of Goodwood

25th July 2017
Hi all, been a while, sometimes life gets in the way, sometimes life is magical... A couple of weekends ago, it was definitely a magical time.

Those who know me know the journey I've been on over the last 3 or 4 years, the lows have been about as deep as the bottom of the Mariana Trench, the highs are up with the ISS!
I began this year with a better sense of perspective on the journey I'd been on than in recent years where I'd felt like the proverbial "rabbit in the headlights!" I felt something had changed in me, not sure what to be fair, but there a better sense of clarity, particularly photographically. You'll have seen that not much had happened on GD Photographic just the odd gallery and no blogging as such. My last post was fairly Euphoric if I'm honest but I'm actually still quite cautious and still very, very self critical.

The main reason for my lack of posts galleries etc was because I was not happy with the quality of the work I'd made... Then came Goodwood 2017, the Festival of Speed again (I hate the fact I can be so bloody pessimistic sometimes, character failing I guess) Anyway having arrived on Thursday afternoon the atmosphere felt different to recent years, or was it that I was different to recent years?

Anyway I'd decided that I was not going to pay the ridiculous price hikes imposed by the local hotels and decided that the best way to 'do' the event would be to camp on site. I knew that the organisers provide toilets and shower booths so getting caught short and keeping spruced and dapper wasn't going to be an issue. In previous years after moving to Oxfordshire I'd stayed with Dad for the Festival, in 2014 i made the mistake of thinking I could stay at the house in Lancing but with Dad only just gone, it became obvious that I couldn't do it, things were just too raw, My Dad passed in January 2014 and the house was still very much as it was before he died, I became an emotional wreck and it hit me very hard.
The following year I stayed at a well known chain of hotels in Fontwell and paid through the nose for the privilege! almost 4 times the going rate of the standard price of a room! Last year I booked in January as soon as the dates were announced however on arrival i collected my key and was told I had only booked for one night, not two! I argued the toss but eventually I realised that arguing with them was like playing chess with a pigeon, no matter what you do that bird is going to eventually knock over all the pieces, crap on the board and strut round like it won! a pointless exercise. As I said earlier this year was different. Tent pitched I signed on and collected my programme and passes etc what was on this years cover? My favourite F1 car, The Brabham BT52, I knew it was going to be an epic weekend and it was... have a look at my gallery on the web page...